Hyperlinked GPS Coordinates for the Google Maps app

Here are the hyper-linked waypoint coordinates for use with the Google Maps app. Please be sure to select the correct coordinates, the order they appear hear may not be the same as the order on your sheet. 

Latitude, Longitude Hint
38.675446, -77.172293 From the blue birds, head 50° NE. Look in a tree that is dressed for the holidays.
38.67477, -77.17404 Find the big log lying across the orange trail (you'll know which one). From the log, leave the trail heading 60° NE.
38.672975, -77.17259 Look behind something that is near three large rocks.
38.673903, -77.17446 Find the spot where the red/blue trail curves and is covered with chips. Look behind the giant W.
38.67393, -77.171393 Take the trail that leads away from the showers until you find the place to sit down. Leave the trail heading due North and look on the ground.